Black Diamond Orbit Lantern Review

In this Black Diamond Orbit review you’ll learn about an ultralight, collapsible, pocket sized lantern that emits an incredible 6 foot lighting radius. If you have been looking to buy a cost effective backpacking lantern this review of the Black Diamond Orbit should help you make a decision.

Black Diamond Orbit Lantern Review of Key Features:

Black Diamond Equipment Orbit Lantern Review

  • Double Power LED
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • 45 Lumens Of Light
  • Frost Globe Reduces Glare
  • Dual Reflector Design
  • Uses 4AAA Batteries
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Dimming Switch
  • Fold-Away Hanging Loop
  • 4″ Compacted Height
  • Weight Of Only 84 Grams

Its no wonder the Black Diamond Orbit was the winner of the Backpackers Choice Award, this simple yet powerful lantern is able to outperform many of its larger counterparts at a fraction of the size and weight.

The general consensus among the wilderness survival and backpacking community is that the Black Diamond Orbit is a very well designed, powerful lantern. If you’re looking to shave some weight off your pack this an excellent choice.

Black Diamond Orbit Lantern

Black Diamond Orbit Lantern – Small But Powerful!

The LED technology inside the Black Diamond Orbit lantern is more powerful than I expected. I was planning on modifying the unit and putting in a larger, stronger LED but it was powerful enough to suit my needs perfectly right out of the box. I was pretty impressed considering the low price and small size of the unit.

One of the most intriguing features on the Black Diamond Orbit lantern is the rechargeable battery pack, not only is it green technology but it also saves you money. The battery pack also provides a much longer charge then standard disposable batteries which is a huge plus.

Another bad ass feature is the dimming switch. By pushing the on/off button and holding it the Black Diamond Orbit will automatically shift the lighting from bright to dim allowing you to let go and select the perfect amount of light to suit your needs.

9.5 Total Score

Black Diamond Orbit Lantern Review Score:

This mini-lantern is a fantastic survival tool and a must have for anyone who loves camping as well. With a 24 hour battery life and 6 foot light radius this lantern is excellent for a wide range of applications.

Battery Life
  • Very Powerful
  • Small And Compactable
  • Bright LED
  • Long Battery Life
  • Large Light Radius
  • Easy-Attach Hooks
  • None Yet
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The Black Diamond Orbit is a pocket sized lantern that mixes cutting edge technology with intuitive design – it’s a must have!


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