About The Survivalgrounds.com Family

SurvivalGrounds.com is a wilderness survival website which is devoted to bringing you the most relevant, interesting and helpful outdoor survival information on the Internet. We are constantly adding new content so be sure to bookmark us and check back often!

Our website has been around since 2009 making us one of the oldest and most trusted resources in this field. The site got a fresh design onĀ August 1st 2016, and we will continue to improve it to make the user experience as good as it can possibly be.

The SurvivalGrounds Team:

Our team is made up of a network of outdoor survival enthusiasts from around the world. They all share the same passion for bushcraft and being outdoors as much as possible. The amount of regular readers on our site is constantly growing, we look forward to the future and hope many more great members will join us.

The idea behind SurvivalGrounds is that everyone with good wilderness survival knowledge should be able to share with the community. If you like our site and wish to give something back you can submit articles and video reviews that could be posted on the site for everyone to view! Check out contact page for more information. Eventually we will hold contests for the best submitted content. Prizes will vary from survival knives to signaling items to firesteel. Keep an eye out for news of these contests. To submit articles please refer to our contact page.

Survival Articles:

Our team has been working hard to create the most extensive database of survival based articles on the Internet. Although we have not yet reached our goal it is all just a matter of time. Want to request an article? Need information on a survival topic? We strive to keep our readers happy and informed. Send us a request and get the information you need!

Survival Gear Reviews:

Our site also offers product reviews! Between our team of survival enthusiasts we have used a huge variety of different gear. Are you thinking about buying one of the new tents, backpacks, knives, machetes or fire starters on the market? Well check out our reviews and make an informed decision as to if its worth buying. If you have a product which you would like to have reviewed please do not hesitate to send us a request.

Our #1 priority is to keep the community happy, should you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or comments please contact us!

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